What is the ADI standards check?

We understand that your ADI Standard Check can be a daunting time and you want to pass with the best possible grade. That’s why we’ve created a flexible and affordable ADI Standards Check course, to help you prepare for your ADI Standards Check exam.

This is the test driving instructors take every 2-4 years, after they qualify, to review their ability to teach students.

What is an ADI standards check engagement call?

A DVSA examiner will call to ask if you want to schedule a 30-minute phone call before your standards check.

During the 30-minute call, the examiner will talk to you about:

  • How your pupils perform when they take driving tests
  • Where you can get support or find more information
  • What will happen when you take your standards check

What happens in an ADI standards check?

The test will involve an examiner sitting in on one of your lessons with a pupil, to assess your performance. The lesson should be about 45 minutes long, with your student driving for at least 40 minutes. Throughout the test, the examiner will look for evidence that you meet the national standards for driver and rider training. At the end, you’ll be given a grade of A, B or F, but the higher grade you can get, the better. You can achieve this with our on-demand course, which has everything you need all in one place.

What are the ADI standard check grades?

This will be based on the examiner’s assessment of your lesson. At the end of your test, you’ll receive a completed standards check form along with your grade, where you can score up to 51 points:

  • 0-30 = Grade fail. Your performance is unsatisfactory
  • 31-42 = Grade B. You’ll remain on the ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) register
  • 43-51 = Grade A. You’ve demonstrated a high level of instructing and will stay on
    the ADI register.

How can LIDIA can help you prepare for your ADI standards check?

Our easy-access, on-demand course has been designed to help you get the highest grade each time. Developed by industry-leading Grade A and ORDIT trainers, we’ve made sure you arrive fully prepared, as well as offering:

  • Access to training on any device at any time
  • Key lesson topics with text explanations and videos
  • Training between lessons and practice exercises with your pupils
  • Monthly interactive course clinics with industry leading trainers
  • Expert trainer email support

Why not try our free ADI Standard Check course taster, to get a feel for what the course has to offer?

Monthly Virtual Classrooms Course Clinics

Our course provides the full classroom experience, all from the comfort of your own home or wherever is convenient for you. You’ll not miss out. Instead, you’ll benefit from:

  • Taking your classes at home
  • Lessons delivered by industry-leading trainers
  • Interactive lessons where you can get your questions answered
  • Cost-effective studying
  • Save money by studying anytime and anywhere
  • Meeting and interacting with fellow trainees

Convenient Home Learning

We understand how busy life can get, so you need a training course that fits in with you. Our Standards Check Training Guide offers everything you need, such as:

  • Online training
  • Access classes from anywhere, on any device
  • Flexible study times
  • Preparation for exams
  • All the information you need stored in one place
  • On-demand and available whenever you need it

Be prepared

With the right support and training, you’ll be fully prepared for your ADI standards check. Our flexible course options allow you to study in your own time, so you feel ready and relaxed for your test. For more information about our training platform, download our free LIDIA Training Guide.