What is the quickest way of becoming a driving instructor?

The quickest way of getting on the road as a driving instructor is to take your training as an intensive course. Passing your part 1 and part 2 tests as soon as possible and then taking your 40 hours of part 3 training. You can then start giving paid instruction on a trainee licence which is issued by the DVSA. You must apply for the licence.

How much does a driving instructor earn?

A full time driving instructor delivering 35 hours of driving lessons a week with four weeks off a year should earn around £32,000 per annum after business costs.

How long does it take to train to become a driving instructor?

Anywhere from 3 to 12 months depending on your work and family commitments. Most people train and qualify in around 9 to 12 months.

What is a trainee licence?

A trainee licence is a 6-month licence that you can apply for once you have passed your part 2 driving test and have completed 40 hours of part 3 training. This allows you to charge for giving tuition to gain experience before taking your part 3 test of instructional ability.

Can I become a driving instructor?

To become an Approved Driving Instructor, you need to be able to answer YES to all the following:

  • Have you held a full UK or EU licence for 3.5 out of the past 6 years?
  • Can you read a normal size number plate from a distance of 27.5 metres (90 feet) with glasses if required?
  • Do you have less than six points on your licence?
  • You have no convictions in the past ten years that would prevent you from being on the Driving Instructors Register? For example: robbery, assault.
  • You enjoy working with people.

If you can fulfil all these minimum requirements, then there should be nothing to stop you from training to become a driving instructor.

How do I become a driving instructor?

Find the best training course for you. Not all training courses are the same so do your research and choose the best fit.Once you have booked your course you should be guided through the process by your training provider but if not, here is the process.

  • Apply for your DBS Check
  • Once you have received your DBS your can apply to the DVSA register, you must do both of these before you are able to book any test.
  • Take an ADI Part 1 Theory Test
  • Take an ADI Part 2 Driving Test
  • Take up a six months trainee licence (Optional)
  • Take an ADI Part 3 Teaching Test

What tests do I have to take to become a driving instructor?

  • Theory Test Part 1 (100 Questions and a 14 Clip Hazard Perception Test)
  • Advanced Driving Test Part 2 (Advanced One Hour Driving Test)
  • Test of Teaching Ability Part 3 (An Observed Driving Lesson)

Can I book my part 1 theory test before taking a DBS Disclosure and joining the ADI register?

No. You must already have registered with the DVSA before booking an ADI part 1 theory test.

How much does it cost to become a driving instructor?

Training courses can vary in cost from around £1000 up to £4000. The cheapest courses normally involve you signing a 12-month franchise contract which can cost you more in the long run.

How much is a trainee licence?

A driving instructor trainee licence costs £140.

Can I go on a trainee licence if I want to set up as a driving instructor on my own?

No. You must be sponsored by a driving school. There must be at least as many fully qualified driving instructors in that school as they have trainee licence holders. (PDIs)

Do I have to have further training when on a trainee licence?

Yes. You are required to have a further 20 hours of part 3 training within the first 3 months of your trainee licence or have a fully qualified ADI sit in on 20% of the lessons you give. Due to the cost of the ADI sitting in option, almost all trainees opt for the 20 hours extra training.

Do you have to go on a trainee licence to become a driving instructor?

No. You can train and then take a pupil to your part 3 test. You must not charge your pupil for the lesson or any lesson you give them until you have qualified.

Can I charge petrol money to someone I am giving driving lessons to if I’m not on a trainee licence or not a qualified driving instructor yet?

No. You must not charge any money whatsoever if you don’t hold a trainee or full licence to instruct.

Are driving instructor’s employees of the driving school they work for?

There may be a very small number of driving instructors in the UK that are employees, but the clear majority are self-employed whether they are working on their own or working with a franchise.

Can I sign instructors up to the on-demand training and do my own in-car training?

Yes. You can use the on-demand content to support your own training.

If I sign trainees up to any training will you contact the trainee about other franchises?

No. When you sign a trainee up to any of the training, we can mark which school they are with and they will not be contacted about other franchises through us.

Can I buy a full course bundle for my trainees and have you deliver all the training?

Yes. All training packages are available for you to buy.

Can I sell courses on my website and simply sign up trainees with you to train them by buying your course?

Yes. You could sell instructor training courses yourself and simply sign them up to our full course or just subscribe to our on-demand training and deliver the rest of the training yourself.

I have no experience training driving instructors. Do you offer train the trainer training?

Yes. We do offer train the trainer courses. You would be trained to train instructors in conjunction with our on-demand training course.

Why become a LIDIA partner driving school?

To grow and sustain your driving school. We run the award-winning Let’s Instruct driving school in the midlands and decided to keep it as a regional driving school. We believe this is the best solution for new instructors coming into the industry due to the hands-on support they receive. We are looking for other regional driving schools and ambitious ADIs around the country to introduce our trainees to.

Can I become a LIDIA partner driving school?

If you offer a quality franchise with good support for your franchisees then yes. We only work with driving schools and ambitious ADIs that support their instructors well, meaning our trainees not only receive high-quality training from us but are guided into successful supportive companies going forward.

I’m an ADI who wants to start a franchise. Do you give advice and support with this?

We can give advice and support to ADIs wanting to start a franchise and join our partner school list. We must make it clear we cannot do it for you. However, our experience will certainly help you avoid some of the pitfalls experienced by many.

How much does it cost to become a partner driving school?

Becoming a partner driving school is free. You will be charged a small referral fee for each franchisee you sign up to your franchise to cover our costs when setting them up with you.

Why On-Demand Training?

  • Train on any device, anytime and anywhere, if you have an internet connection then you can train
  • Full access to Part 1, 2 and 3 courses from day one
  • Take training breaks and resume your subscription when ready
  • No large upfront training fees
  • No restrictive training contracts
  • No long-term franchise contracts
  • Suitable for trainees at any stage of their training

What’s Included in Your ‘On-Demand’ Training Subscription?

  • Part 1, 2 and 3 training ‘on-demand’ on any device at anytime
  • Lesson topics with text explanations + videos
  • Monthly interactive course clinics included with industry leading trainers
  • Expert trainer email support
  • Full theory and hazard perception test app access
  • Suitable to use at any stage of your training
  • Suitable for trainees at any stage of their training

Who will benefit from our on-demand training?

  • Those wanting to train to become a driving instructor
  • Those who want to start training with no large upfront fees
  • Those who want to start training with no strict terms and conditions
  • Those who have left another instructor training provider
  • Those that are struggling to pass any of the 1, 2 or 3 tests
  • Those wanting extra support to back up their current training

Why Virtual Classrooms?

  • Take your classes at home
  • Delivered by industry leading trainers
  • Interactive. Get your questions answered
  • Cost effective saving you money
  • Meet and interact with fellow trainees

How much are the ADI qualifying test fees?

  • Part 1 Theory Test – £81.00
  • Part 2 Driving Test – £111.00
  • Part 3 Teaching Ability Test – £111.00

How much does it cost to start my training?

    You have choices, you could buy our full course bundle up front or you can start your training by subscribing to our on-demand training. This means you can begin training now for the price of our monthly subscription. All other training is available to buy on our website pay as you go when you need it.

Do I need the book pack of DVSA recommended reading?

    It is possible to complete the training without buying the recommended books. We would strongly advise against this as the books are valuable training material.

Do I need in-car training to become a driving instructor?

It is possible to train without in-car training, but it is unlikely you will reach the standard required to qualify. In-car training is vital to your success.

What is a trainee licence?

A trainee licence is a six-monthlicence granted by the DVSA allowing you to teach for payment to practice and hone your skills before taking a part 3 test of teaching ability.

Can anyone get a trainee licence?

Yes but there are rules attached. You must have passed your Part 1 Theory Test, Part 2 Driving Ability Test and completed 40 hours of Part 3 training signed by yourself and your trainer on a form called the ADI21T. All your 40 hours of training must have taken place no more than six-months before you apply for your trainee licence.

Are there any rules I need to follow when I’m on a trainee licence?

Yes. You must complete a further 20 hours of face to face training within the first 3 months of your licence or have an ADI sit in on 20% of your lessons throughout the whole of your time on a trainee licence. Most trainees opt for the 20 hours training and the hours must be signed off by you and your trainer responsible for your training on the form ADI21AT. You must then send this form to the DVSA and immediately book a part 3 teaching ability test.

Following the end of the first 3 months of your licence you must take an extra five hours of face to face training and the same if your fail an attempt at your part 3 test, before your take another attempt.Like your 20 hours, you must record these hours on another ADI21AT form and send to the DVSA.

If I subscribe to the monthly on-demand training can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes. Each payment is for one month. If you unsubscribe you will have access to the on-demand content until the end of the monthly period you have already paid for.

If subscribe to the on-demand training do I have to buy all the rest of my training from LIDIA?

No. You can do all your training with us if you wish or you can use our on-demand service to support your training with your current training provider.

Is there a time limit on when I take my in-car training?

All in-car training must be taken within 12 months of purchase?

If I unsubscribe to the on-demand training, can I subscribe again later?

Yes. You can take a break if you wish and subscribe again at any time.

Why buy the full course bundle when I can buy the training on pay as you go?

If you buy your training in the full course bundle you will always save money compared to the same training bought on the pay as you go depending on what offers we have on at the time.

Can I spread the cost of the full course bundle?

Yes. We have a six-monthpayment plan.

Are there any Term and Conditions I must sign before starting the training?

Forour full course bundle there are terms and conditions you must sign digitally before you can buy the course. This protects both you the trainee and us so both parties understand their responsibilities and time frames training is available.

Are there any terms and conditions I must sign when I subscribe to the on-demand training?

No. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. When you unsubscribe, you will continue to have access to the on-demand training until the current month already paid for has finished.

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