The great news is, with LIDIA’s flexible, on-demand prices, training to achieve your dream of becoming a driving instructor is more affordable than you’d think.

In this blog article, we’ll break down the 3 main areas where costs are involved and how LIDIA can support you along the way.

1. Driving instructor test fees

To become a qualified driving instructor you need to complete 3 tests set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) known as the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Part 1, 2 and 3.

Our guide to driving instructor training provides more detail about each of these tests but in summary, they’ll cover your theory knowledge, driving and instructing ability.

ADI Part 1 £81
ADI Part 2 £111
ADI Part 3 £111
Total £303

You have unlimited attempts to pass Part 1 but only 3 attempts to pass Part 2 and 3. If you fail the tests and want to retake them, you’ll have to pay the full amount again. Once you’ve successfully passed all 3 tests there are some additional fees including your ADI registration, ADI certificate (aka badge), trainee driving licence and renewal fee that’ll need to be paid every 4 years.

For more information on these costs, take a look at the Government’s latest updates on the ADI test fees.

driving instructor test fees

2. Driving instructor training costs

Whereas many providers have upfront costs, LIDIA offers a completely unique training experience. With our flexible payment plans, you can steer your training around your financial commitments. Along with zero finance agreements, contracts or franchise tie-ins, we also provide:

Monthly price options
These start from £49.50 and allow you to break down the cost of your training.

Bundle prices
If you opt for our Full Instructor Training Course Bundle, you receive a discount on the total price that can be paid over 6 manageable payments.

Pay as you train
Work around your commitments and train when it suits you with our on-demand instructor training subscription.

Free taster course
Before you spend a single penny, check this is the course and career for you with a sneak peek of what to expect with our free course taster.

3. Trainee licence compulsory further training

A trainee licence will add additional costs to your overall training but it’ll also benefit you by providing practice and experience prior to your ADI part 3 test.

If you choose to apply for your trainee licence, you’ll have to either:

Be supervised for 20% of all lessons that you instruct whilst you have your trainee licence.


Complete at least 20 hours of extra training whilst you have your trainee licence. This is the more popular choice for many trainee driving instructors.

Save at every turn

Here at LIDIA, we want you to see a return on your investment. That’s why our flexible and affordable plans work around your lifestyle, taking out any worry or risk of starting a new career. We hope this article has reassured you, but for more information regarding driving instructor costs view our courses or get in touch.

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