Many driving schools have the dream and ambition to expand, but with a rapidly rising demand they’re not sure how to achieve it.

With over 30 years of experience, here at LIDIA, we’ve learnt that to grow your business, you need to ensure that your driving instructors have easy access to useful and helpful training courses. Allowing them to get the training and support they need, when they need it. But there’s so much more we can offer to you, your instructors and your driving school. Have a read below to find out more.

Why you should partner with LIDIA

If you’re a driving school that delivers quality franchises to its instructors, we can help. It doesn’t matter what size franchise you are, we can offer many benefits to develop your driving instructors and build your business.

With our award-winning knowledge and expert trainers, we can provide the best experience within the industry and allow driving instructors to make the move to be within the top driving schools throughout the country.

The benefits of partnering with LIDIA

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  • Offer award-winning training
  • Provide easily accessible on-demand courses
  • Deliver training from highly experienced expert trainers
  • Save you time and resources
  • Take the weight of training off your shoulders
  • Give you constant support and advice
  • Supply affordable, pay-as-you-go options
  • Help you grow and expand your driving school

Driving school benefits

By partnering with LIDIA, you’re not only helping your driving instructors, you’re helping yourself and your driving school grow with:

  • An industry-leading and award-winning training platform
  • Affordable, on-demand ADI training courses
  • ADI Part 1, 2 and 3, Standards Check course and Trainee Licence courses
  • The opportunity to train new instructors
  • ADI development and Standards Check courses
  • Free driving school franchise support and advice
  • Options to deliver your own in-car training
  • The choice for LIDIA to provide in-car training to instructors

Make use of our different services

We also provide a variety of courses and services, to suit all levels of driving instructors with:

  • On-demand subscriptions
  • Text and video explanations
  • Monthly interactive online course clinics
  • Full access to ADI (blended) parts 1, 2 and 3
  • Email support from expert trainers
  • Live interactive virtual classrooms
  • In-car training for ADI part 2 and 3
  • Pay-as-you-train ADI part 2 and 3
  • Useful blogs and FAQs

How to become a LIDIA partner

Simply complete the contact form, tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll get in touch to discuss the next steps.
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Experience expert guidance and support

We completely understand the fears and frustrations you might have; we’ve been through them all too. But we want to help you avoid any u-turns by providing expert training for your driving instructors, as well as advice for you, on how you can support them. With LIDIA, we can supply:

  • Unique and affordable courses
  • Convenient accessibility to courses across all devices
  • Consistent support and advice
  • A Trainee Licence 20-hour course
  • ADI Standards Check course
  • Train the Trainer course (for in-car training)
  • Helpful blogs and resources

White label training platform

LIDIA’s training platform can be white labelled for driving schools, meaning they’re customisable to your driving school’s branding. You’ll have your own training portal that’ll be tailored to your name, logo, and colours. But it’ll be a place where your driving instructors can easily access LIDIA’s videos and training materials.

Your next steps

If you’re looking to expand your driving school, there’s only one option; LIDIA can offer unique, cost-effective courses that’ll benefit you and your driving instructors. As well as expert knowledge, support and advice. If you’d like to partner with LIDIA and receive all the benefits that come with us, then get in touch.