Whether you’ve completed your ADI tests and deciding what to do next, or working your way through your driving instructor training and thinking about the finish line.

The big question for all driving instructors is: do you choose to be an independent driving instructor or join a driving school franchise? There’s actually no wrong answer here because it all comes down to your personal circumstances and preference. To help you decide, we’ve pulled together all the pros and cons for both options.

Joining a driving school franchise

This is a great route for a new or experienced driving instructor; not only will you be provided with regular students, you’ll also have the support and benefits of a business behind you.

trainee driving instructor being taught by their mentor

The Benefits

  • Experts will do your marketing including regular posts and SEO optimisation
  • They’ll cover your overheads such as insurance, tax and petrol
  • You’ll receive a company car to use
  • Regular diary bookings
  • Additional on-going training
  • On-demand support for you, your students and any car troubles
  • They’ll keep you up to date with laws and regulations
  • You’ll have regular, set working hours.

The Negatives

  • Fees can cost anything between £60 – £300+ a week
  • There are limitations on flexible working hours
  • Potential lack of pupils depending on demand
  • Possibility of instructor saturation.

Becoming an independent driving instructor

For many, being their own boss is a dream come true. It comes with lots of benefits but also involves you covering everything that a driving school would automatically do for you.

trainee driving instructor being mentored

The Benefits

  • There’s the potential to earn more
  • You’ll be your own boss
  • You can choose your own car
  • Flexible working hours around your commitments
  • Find and select your own students.

The Negatives

  • You’ll be covering all of your overheads
  • You need to manage your own marketing
  • You’re responsible for finding and retaining students
  • You’ll need to source any additional training

Things to consider

Like we said, there’s no wrong choice here but we recommend spending some time to really consider which option is best suited to you. Think about what you want to get out of this new career and where your strengths lie: if you enjoy the flexibility and chance to market yourself, then becoming an independent driving instructor might be better for you. If the security of a company supporting you has a bigger appeal, then a driving school would be a better option.

Looking to join a franchise?

Here at LIDIA, we’ll support you throughout your training. We also work with a lot of driving schools who we can help you connect with, and once you’re qualified we can arrange placements with our partner driving schools to get you started.

Looking to be an independent driving instructor?

Although it may seem scary going alone there are a lot of positives that come with it, and LIDIA is here every step of the way with our on-demand training and support. If you’re still not sure, read our blog on the benefits of becoming a driving instructor for more information.

Which turn to take?

There’s no rush with this decision. It’s important for you to weigh up the pros and cons for each option and find which one suits your current priorities and lifestyle. LIDIA is here to support you in your journey with our range of courses and trainer support. For more information, get in touch.

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